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The Weed Terminators: Non-Toxic, Residue Free, Environmentally-Friendly Weed Control Solution!

Natural Alternative for Home, Community and Farming Use

Contact Organics introduces an innovative and natural Weed Killer to the safe weed control space - a series of bio-herbicides made from Acetic Acid! By combining cutting-edge technology, in-depth scientific research and natural ingredients, we present a breakthrough in environmentally-friendly weed control. Contact Organics' product foundations are based on our commitment to providing ecological & non-toxic weed terminators and the result is a range of revolutionary safe herbicides. Contact Organics offers a natural alternative to chemical weedicides. 


For people that want to safely control weed growth at home, the HomeSafe Weed Terminator is the superior solution. HomeSafe Weed Terminator is the environmentally-friendly herbicide that cares for your health, your kids and pets.

Safe to use in community areas, from schools and parks, to sports grounds, to your back yard, hobby farm and more, the LocalSafe Weed Terminator is the public amenity weed terminator Australia has been waiting for.

Reduce toxins from our eco-system, protect your livestock health and soil microbiology while you improve your plant vitality. The FarmSafe Weed Terminator supports sustainable farming through safe weed control for the agricultural industry.


Made from naturally occurring materials, the active ingredient is Acetic Acid which is enhanced by our proprietary delivery technology.


Non-toxic and supporting soil health.


Our products are environmentally-friendly and will bio-degrade in a short period of time.

How Does it Work?

Following 30 years of research and development into how we can combine science with nature, Contact Organics' fast-acting and environmentally-friendly weed control has finally emerged onto the Australian market.

Contact Organics' revolutionary herbicides work by stripping away the waxy outer layer of the plant, to enter and desiccate the plant to kill it. Our products are formulated to be beneficial to soil microbiology and fertility, so you can simultaneously kill weeds, improve soil health and alleviate residue concerns.

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Why make the change?

Homeowners, parents, governments and local organisations should take steps to protect people and the environment by switching to a natural Weed Killer. Australian homes and businesses can see powerful, sustainable results - without the risk.

The future is an effective glyphosate-free Weed Killer for home, community and agriculture. Made from natural ingredients, our range of fast-acting bio-herbicides never passes on toxins to the environment. No toxic residue is left, and weeds are unable to build up resistance.

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The Contact Organics Foundations

Our core philosophy is to help nature bring life back to earth through a safe, effective weed control alternative.