We have created the following brochures to provide more specialized info to our users.

  • Weed Terminator DL Brochure Icon

    Contact Organics Product Brochure

    Click here for general information for all Weed Terminators.

  • 20220905 HS Brochure

    HomeSafe Weed Terminator Brochure

  • 20220905 LS Brochure

    LocalSafe Module Brochure

  • 20220905 FS Brochure

    FarmSafe Weed Terminator and FarmSafe Soil Conditioner Brochure

  • Open Spaces Brochure Icon

    Open Spaces & Public Amenities Brochure

    Click here for more info for HomeSafe Weed Terminator and LocalSafe Weed Terminator.

  • Agriculture Brochure Icon

    Agriculture Brochure

    Click here for more info for LocalSafe Weed Terminator and FarmSafe Weed Terminator.

  • Weed Terminator Technical DL Brochure

    Contact Organics Technical Brochure

    Click here for more advanced technical info. 

  • LocalSafe Module Icon

    LocalSafe 10L and 20L Module

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