Product Information


How do Contact Organics weed control products kill weeds? 

Contact Organics products kill weeds in a similar way to a heavy frost or extreme heat wave. They quickly break down the cells of the plant by degrading the protective film of sprayed plant areas to cause complete dehydration.

While one active ingredient works on dissolving the waxy layer of the plant leaf, another, volatile ingredient draws moisture from the plant into the air.

The formulation is a highly effective desiccant, not a systemic poison, so plants are unable to build immunity.

What is glyphosate? 

Glyphosate is a chemical used in many well-known weed killers on the market. It’s widely used in the agricultural sector by councils, organisations and members of the public.

In 2015, the World Health Organisation conducted research into glyphosate and found that it was probably carcinogenic. This means there is strong evidence to say glyphosate can cause cancer in humans, but it is presently not conclusive.

Will the products kill all weeds? 

The products work best on seedlings, grasses and herbaceous annuals. We recommend spraying liberally on plants to the point of run-off for the best results, and to prevent re-growth of unwanted plants.

How quickly will results be visible? 

Within two hours of application, you’ll notice the plants begin go off colour brown and wilt. Contact Organics developed a fast-acting formula that leads to visible results quicker than many other products on the market.

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