Target weeds in public areas or your lifestyle block while taking care of people, animals and the environment.

Contact Organics introduces LocalSafe Weed Terminator, the multi-application weed control for small to medium farms, lifestyle blocks, parks and other public spaces that uses the latest innovative technology with natural ingredients.

Developed for when you need a fast and effective herbicide, but you have a responsibility toward the safety of others, make the switch to LocalSafe, the glyphosate-free alternative.

The Superior Herbicide for Parks, Schools, Other Public Places & Small to Medium sized Agricultural operations


Tough on weeds yet safe for people and animals, LocalSafe is scientifically-formulated with natural ingredients. For all kinds of local and public parks weed control - as well as hobby farms around the home - this powerful alternative to glyphosate-based products doesn’t pass toxins into the food chain or human body.

  • Results visible in 1 hour
  • Fast-acting & sustainable
  • Free of glyphosate & other toxic ingredients
  • Targets weeds & grasses
  • Suitable for all public and private land
  • Prevents weeds from developing resistance
  • Food safe
  • Friendly to people and pets
  • Cost-competitive
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Conditions soil
  • Made in Australia

How Does it Work?

LocalSafe is the ideal herbicide for hobbyists, small farms, councils and other local organisations. Following 30 years of research, Contact Organics has formulated the latest technology for unbeatable weed control for sports fields, playgrounds, gardens and any other public spaces and much more.

Essentially, the Weed Terminator works by dehydrating the plant. It achieves this by degrading the plant’s protective outer film (to allow moisture to escape. The product is also effective in the restoration of soil health, making it difficult for weeds to compete with healthy plants and reducing their re-growth.

Simply spray LocalSafe public amenity weed control liberally on unwanted plants, ensuring it comes into contact with the green parts of the plant. The fast-acting formula leads to visible results within one hour.


Weed Control for Lifestyle Blocks, Parks & Other Applications

LocalSafe revolutionary public parks weed control is the preferred choice for governments, councillors, schools, hobbyists, land care groups, sporting field managers, construction companies, small to Medium sized Agricultural applications and more. It is specifically developed for effective weed control on verges, pathways, playgrounds, nurseries, rail lines, water courses, schools, sporting grounds and public gardens.

Find out More

To find out more about the science and nature behind Contact Organics herbicide for councils, farms and other local organisations, get in touch online or call 1300 856 540. When you’re ready to buy the superior weed control for sports fields, parks and schools, browse local distributors in your area.