Press Release March 2022: Market launch of the HomeSafe Weed Terminator Plus

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Contact Organics Introduces an Innovative New Line of Highly Effective and Non-Toxic Bioherbicide
An effective & biodegradable alternative to glyphosate

Melbourne, Victoria (March 16, 2022) – Contact Organics Australia Pty Ltd., is happy to announce the introduction of a new line of revolutionary & effective yet non-toxic bioherbicide – HomeSafe Weed Terminator Plus. The new and improved product line is presented in a new ergonomic spray bottle and is available for purchase through the Contact Organics Australia webstore. The HomeSafe Weed Terminator Plus is a welcomed addition to the HomeSafe ready-to-use range. Visit www.contactorganics.com.au to buy the new HomeSafe Weed Terminator Plus 1L also offered as a 2L bundle option. Our website also offers information about our patented delivery technology, specific weed management, and much more.

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In answer to the incontrovertible science showing the need to reduce our exposure to toxins, Contact Organics has created a technology that allows for a low concentration of acetic acid (as in household vinegar) in combination with natural oils, to achieve rapid efficacy at killing weeds. Supporting the soil biology, our products can manage tough invasives. After the first couple of sprays, control is established and a 6-8 week spread between applications will be achieved, making Contact Organics cost effective.


About Contact Organics
Contact Organics develops and manufactures proprietary, high performance, non-toxic weed management products. The company markets them under HomeSafe™, LocalSafe™ and FarmSafe™ brands for domestic, commercial, public amenity and agricultural applications. Contact Organics holds a strong patent portfolio, and its growth is fueled by the global trend towards environmentally sustainable weed management and agriculture. Established in Australia in 2014, the company Headquarters are in Melbourne. Contact Organics products are manufactured in both Melbourne and Bangkok, Thailand, and distributed through a network of leading regional distributors throughout Australia. The Company has secured regulatory approvals in its key markets and is currently setting up its global distribution channels.

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