LocalSafe 2L Module


The LocalSafe Weed Terminators incorporate the latest technology offering safe weed control for your home.

Non-toxic in spray form, residue free & environmentally friendly! The Weed Terminators are tough on weeds/grasses and unwanted plants, but safe for pets, people, and bees. The LocalSafe Weed Terminator is formulated using innovative science  and it is the ideal domestic herbicide.

The LocalSafe Module powerful combination, LocalSafe Weed Terminator Concentrate & LocalSafe Soil Conditioner, will kill the targeted weeds and add nutrients to the soil. Choosing the LocalSafe Module means choosing a weed control that is inline with sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices.

Every small step counts, make the best choice and switch to pet-friendly weed control in the home and discover a garden that has never looked better.

The LocalSafe 2L Module can make between 20-30L of spray mixture depending on the dilution level. The LocalSafe 2L Module is the ideal concentrate trial pack size.