At Contact Organics, we aim to provide environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions for weed control and soil health. Our non-toxic products have been developed with this philosophy in mind. Our experienced science team is continuously working on implementing the newest and best weed killer technology. Currently we offer three best in class products:

Our HomeSafe formula is tough on weeds but safe for family members and pets. Traditional herbicides contain harmful chemicals that can damage soil and plant health, but Contact Organics’ unique formula can be used in your garden, path or other areas around your home. Spray on unwanted weeds and plants and within hours of application, you’ll see the weeds wilt and change color.

Learn more about our HomeSafe formula and why families across Australia are making the switch to Contact Organics.

LocalSafe Weed Terminator - powerful, multi-application, natural formula is tough on weeds but safe for people, animals and the environment. Targeting problem weeds, this powerful alternative to glyphosate-based herbicides is non-toxic and works fast and effective.

Find out more about our LocalSafe superior herbicide used by councils, schools, vineyards, orchards, landscapers, home users and a mix of others.

Contact Organics FarmSafe weed terminating formula is based on natural ingredients and can be used for vineyards, orchards and farms. Tough on pesky weeds but safe for humans and livestock, our FarmSafe formula meets all agriculture industry regulations. Considerate of soil health, our fast-acting formula prevents re-growth of weeds while keeping soil fresh and healthy.

Discover the capabilities of Contact Organics FarmSafe herbicide, made from non-toxic, food safe, natural ingredients.

For additional information on the science and nature behind the Contact Organics products range, send our friendly team an email at or give our head office a call at 1300 856 540 and we’ll return your enquiry shortly.