Contact Organics Pty Ltd is an Australian company dedicated to seeking out innovative ways to create a non-toxic product range that is effective at killing weeds, rapidly.

We’ve spent the last three decades focusing on the research, development and production of non-toxic products. In this time, we found a correlation between illnesses and chemicals used across a range of soils and crops. And, in turn, the foods produced from these crops.

This discovery triggered our expansion into agricultural research. Surely, we thought, chemicals in herbicides would have a negative effect on the food we eat?

It turned out we were right.

The industry was missing effective, non-toxic weed control products. Thus, the Safe Series was created.


How does it work?

Our Weed Terminators are natural herbicides designed for agriculture, government, municipalities, the education sector, re-vegetation programs, national parks as well as small and large homes.

When combining the active ingredient of acetic acid and Contact Organics proprietary delivery technology we penetrate the plant by breaking down the waxy covering (protective film) of the weed. This allows the moisture to escape and effectively desiccating the weed by dehydration to termination. With no residues remaining in the soil, weeds are unable to build resistance.

Being made from natural ingredients, means there are no toxins or poisons that can pass into the food chain or the human body.

Our Safe Series Soil Conditioner has been designed to be applied in conjunction with the Weed Terminator. It conditions the soil and enhances water uptake and distribution. In addition, it feeds micro-nutrients and iodine to your soil to promote healthy growth and microbial activity.

Our Philosophy & Principles

Our philosophy is built on the belief that it’s our duty to provide environmentally-friendly, sustainable solutions to Australia and the world. Everyone should have access to safe, effective weed control that doesn’t cost the earth – in the home, public places and agricultural spaces.

In essence, we exist to help nature bring life back to earth.


In-nature Solutions
We provide weed control and soil health solutions, using natural, non-toxic ingredients.


Sustainable Approaches
We provide affordable and effective products, for a more sustainable agriculture industry.


Ongoing Research
We invest in ongoing research to develop products that further benefit global agriculture and promote environmental awareness.


Restore Balance in Nature
We restore balance in the environment by eliminating toxins that enter our bodies from herbicides.