What Our Customers Say

Garden area

This product really works as described

Michelle B

Rural use for around the house area

Excellent delivery and a really good product.

Kate G

Like it!

The smell of your product is refreshing

Great service



I was incredibly impressed by how fast the weeds showed signs of distress and dying… it was a 35 degree day, and you could alsmost see them dying… will definitely be ordering again


Best weed killer I have used

Used in the lawn to remove a creeping weed. Highly recommend. It is the best weed killer that I have ever used.

John V D


Kills weeds very quickly.

Used in garden and between pavers. I recommend the Weed Terminator. Kills weeds very quickly. You don’t have to wait days to see results.

Margaret U


Good product

Used in the garden beds, edges, drive ways and paths


Weed killer safe for my dog

I planted a small garden out the back of my unit. Weeds are a huge problem and I have a dog so needed a safe dog weed killer. Great product and definitely pet friendly! Kills weeds very effectively!

Trisha L.


Thrilled to have found the Weed Terminator

I’m so thrilled I have found this product! I’ve given a sample to 2 friends who are also delighted to be using a product that is effective but doesn’t contain toxic chemicals; it smells nice, also; I trust you continue to be successful and councils will use this product. I used it in between pavers.



Fantastic product

We have a large yard and a dog so we wanted something powerful enough to deal with weeds growing in our gravel paths and paved areas but safe for our dog. Contact organics delivers these qualities brilliantly. Fantastic product. Does just what you said it would but I know it’s safe for my dog and niece and nephew when they come to play.



Good to have natural product

I have been reluctant to use weedkillers in the past, but this product feels a less harmful option. Used for controlling weeds around the driveway, outside the house, such as paving, and flower beds.