Choose weed control for farms in Australia that does more.

Contact Organics has launched FarmSafe Weed Terminator, a natural herbicide for vineyards, farms and orchards. The ideal solution for agriculture, FarmSafe is designed to control weeds and protect livestock, while improving plant vitality and soil microbiology, with the modern alternative to glyphosate-based products.

Using the latest innovative technology and non-toxic ingredients, FarmSafe’s breakthrough patented formula has been developed for fast, effective weed control that cares for the environment.

Cutting-edge Weed Control for Vineyards & the Agriculture Industry


Those in the agricultural industry have specific requirements when it comes to weed killers. Having products that are beneficial to soil health and support sustainable farming are among them. Those exporting to international markets need to be aware of herbicide maximum residue limits; using FarmSafe alleviates any such concerns, because you have a responsibility towards the environment. FarmSafe has undergone extensive research to guarantee its protection of soil biology, while delivering fast-acting and natural weed control for vineyards, orchards, farms and other large-scale agricultural applications.

  • Visible action in 1 hour
  • Effective herbicide for soil health
  • Long-lasting results
  • Prevents re-growth of weeds
  • Glyphosate-free
  • Price competitive
  • Herbicide for orchards, paddocks, vineyards & other horticultural areas
  • Non-toxic & food safe
  • Harmless to people and animals
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Made in Australia

How Does it Work?

FarmSafe uses its cutting edge delivery technology to get to work by quickly breaking down the cells of unwanted plants through dehydration, in order to reduce weed growth in the long-term. By degrading the protective film on plant cells, moisture escapes to commence the process of deterioration.

FarmSafe is a specially-developed herbicide for farms across Australia that view soil health as a priority. Spray the Weed Terminator over unwanted plants to ensure complete coverage. Results such as browning and wilting are visible within one hour of application - meaning you get those big jobs done fast.


Herbicide for Soil Health in Australia

Combatting weeds whilst maintaining soil biology is in-reach with FarmSafe soil health herbicide. Viticulturists, orchardists’, farmers and horticultural managers demand a product that will be tough on weeds, but kind to their animals, families and ecosystem.

Contact Organics has the grass herbicide solution and more, for a range of uses across Australia. Our scientifically-formulated public parks weed control and domestic herbicides ensure there is something in the Safe Series for every application.