Warehouse Pickup LocalSafe 2L(B6), 10L & 20L Modules

Good News, Contact Organics is now offering local warehouse pickup service for your LocalSafe 2L(B6), 10L and 20L module orders. No shipping costs to pay.

To use the pickup service, simply use the Pickup option at the checkout.

Once your order is ready for pickup, we will inform you, and then you can follow the instructions to pick up your order.

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Receive Pickup Notification

Pick Up Order at a Local Warehouse

Available Locations for Pickup


Mainfreight Warehousing 
37 Dexter Drive
Epping VIC 3076
P: 03 8793 4928

Delivery Options besides Pickup

If pickup is not available near your location, you can place order online to be delivered to your doorstep.

Ready for Pickup

  • Who Picks up the Goods

You can pick up the goods in person or entrust others to collect them. If you need someone else to collect your delivery, please tell us her/his name and phone number in advance.

  • What to Bring

The person picking up the goods, you or someone you entrust, needs to provide the order number and a valid ID to pick up your order, typically a driver's license or state - issued ID card.