The Weed Terminators can Successfully control Invasive Weeds: Serrated Tussock!

Weed control is a costly problem to solve. The number of invasive weeds has been steady increasing and increased movement of people has increased the spread rate. Weeds impose an enormous cost. Over time, the quantity of herbicide used has been steadily increasing on a global scale. Using FAO STAT data we have prepared the table presented below, which shows the quaintly of herbicide used for weed management, by continent from 1990-2020.

Data Source: FAO STAT


In Australia,  weed management costs are estimated to be about $5/billion annually. Most of the cost, as expected, comes from agriculture.


Data Source: Centre for Invasive Species Solutions


The number of invasive weeds in Australia has reached over 2,700 and increases by 20 annually (Invasive Species Council). Invasive weeds are not only threat to agriculture but also a threat to biodiversity and natural ecosystems.


While there are many invasive weeds, we have focused on an invasive weed that poses a significant threat to VIC and NSW.


Serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma) is an invasive weed species invading Australian land. According to the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators, Serrated tussock is a Weed of National Significance and one of Australia’s worst weeds, due to it’s invasiveness, big potential to spread, and posing significant economic and environmental impact.


Serrated tussock affects Australian pastures significantly reducing agricultural returns and land value. Due to the type of plant – high fibre and low protein content- livestock are unable to digest the plant and it can result in a loss of condition or in extreme cases starvation (Agriculture Victoria).


Currently, Serrated tussock is widespread in southeastern Australia, covering more than 1.1 million ha.


The powerful Weed Terminators can treat Serrated Tussock. Due to the nature of the Weed Terminators, the plant can not develop resistance. If spotted and treated early and with proper treatment, the quantity of herbicide used should not be increasing but is expected to be decreasing.


The Contact Organics team conducted an 8 week case study, in Eynesbury VIC. The product application was carried out using a Backpack Spray.

Before Application
4 Days after Weed Terminator Application
2 Weeks after Weed Terminator Application
8 Weeks after Weed Terminator Application


Seed Review: Serrated Tussock On the top, non treated, filigrane with abundance of seed. Compare to 4 days after treatment yellow weed and no visible black seeds
Seed Review: Serrated Tussock 2 Weeks After the Weed Terminator Application Desiccated Seeds NO Germination


The Weed Terminators are able to desiccate the seeds, stopping seed germination which lengthens the spray intervals.


The Weed Terminators are suitable for all agricultural operations. As residue-free herbicide there is no withholding period. The Weed Terminators are fast acting, providing near immediate results in treating unwanted vegetation. By selecting the Weed Terminators, you are using weed control that is beneficial to Soil Health.


The Weed Terminators are effective on a wide range of invasive and glyphosateresistant weeds.


Killing weeds doesn’t have to impact the environment and by selecting the Weed Terminators, you are choosing a weed control that supports regenerative/sustainable farming practices.


To download our Serrated Tussock Brochure click here.