Press Release August 2022: France extends ban on pesticide use, including in private residences

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France extends ban on pesticide use,
including in private residences

Another developed nation is one step closer to being glyphosate free

Melbourne, Victoria (August 2, 2022) – The French government has extended its ban of pesticide use to include private gardens, hotels, campsites, theme parks, healthcare establishments, sports facilities, and cemeteries. This new ban shows the EU’s seriousness in phasing out synthetic herbicides like glyphosate and clears the path for naturally based, glyphosate-free weed control products such as the Contact Organics Weed Terminators.

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Scientific studies across the globe have shown beyond a doubt the need to reduce our exposure to toxins. In response, Contact Organics has developed a breakthrough innovation in non-toxic, environmentally friendly weed control by combining cutting-edge delivery technology and scientific research with naturally based ingredients. Contact Organics Weed Terminators work by stripping away the waxy outer layer of the weed to enter and desiccate the plant to kill it. These bioherbicides are formulated for high performance. In addition to being effective broad spectrum contact herbicides, they are fully biodegradable, beneficial to soil microbiology and fertility, and do not allow weeds to develop resistance.

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Contact Organics develops and manufactures proprietary, high performance, non-toxic weed management products. The company markets them under HomeSafe™, LocalSafe™ and FarmSafe™ brands for domestic, commercial, public amenity and agricultural applications. Contact Organics holds a strong patent portfolio, and its growth is fueled by the global trend towards environmentally sustainable weed management and agriculture. Established in Australia in 2015, the company Headquarters are in Melbourne.  Contact Organics products are manufactured in both Melbourne and Bangkok, Thailand, and distributed through a network of leading distributors throughout Australia, New Zealand and USA.

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